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I reached out to the best community – the Content Marketing Institute’s LinkedIn group – and asked what kind of content our community was really looking forward to. You can read all the answers, but here are a few of my favorites, in various categories mostly from non-marketing brands:

Cleveland Metroparks

Pam Kozelka called Cleveland Metroparks magazine’s monthly issue, Emerald Necklace Newsletter. As she explains, “I printed it out and have my calendar next to me when I read it. This is where I find great local resources of things to do for our family.

What to take away from this example: this is useful and usable content. I look forward to receiving something that helps me pursue my interests (like fun family outings).


Skyler Moss told me he can’t wait to get anything from YETI, which sells innovative coolers. He explains, “They do a great job of storytelling, with some subtle marketing, but they make it real. I know they use an agency to produce this, but the direction and their voice resonates in every client interaction they do. It’s not forced on you and you know it will be entertaining and worth your time.

What to learn from this example: While I can relate to the park magazine, YETI was new to me – but I can see why Sklyer is hooked. The stories are told well – and that’s something people want to read. And the branding is relatable and visually appealing.

Moz Whiteboard Fridays

Although this is an example of a marketing brand, I couldn’t resist including it. I have a similar love for Moz videos that Doug Kessler recommended.

What to learn from this example: Doug sums up the lessons of this example well: “Reliable, clear, useful, practical and easy to learn. Every Friday for nine years.

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Monina Wagner shared the Vlogbrothers as the content she looks forward to: “They not only run a YouTube channel – they post two videos a week – but they also produce the hugely successful VidCon conference. (You may have heard of one of the brothers, John Green, who wrote The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. John built an audience for his books through YouTube videos aimed at young adults.)

Takeaway from this example: I love how this cohesive content that people are anticipating also boosted a conference.

Dublin, Ohio, Facebook feed

Mike Myers said he was looking forward to the Facebook feed from his hometown of Dublin, Ohio

What to take away from this example: I like that this sweden phone number example example is outside of a traditional series. As Mike wisely explains, “It may sound strange, but I look forward to my Facebook feed every day. It’s also content! You can’t beat truly relevant, niche content.

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The full Monty

The Full Monty, a marketing news digest, as mentioned by a few people. Mike Myers mentioned this as a newsletter he is looking forward to receiving, and Jeremy Bednarski said he was looking forward to the podcast.

What to learn from this example: You can distribute the same content in multiple ways and help multiple audiences. When people sign up for Scott Monty’s The Full Monty, they have the option of receiving this weekly series as an audio show, newsletter, or both.


Lisa Dougherty explained how much she loves online retailer Zulily: “They send personalized emails and use Facebook Messenger to let me know when they have sales on brands I love. This allows for an awesome personalized shopping experience. I can also message them on Facebook if I have a question or problem with my order, and they’re there! So practical. ”

What you can learn from this example: People like things that fit them, and this is a perfect example of that.

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Many podcasts were mentioned that people are looking forward to receiving, including The Brand Newsroom, Unthinkable, Social Pros, This Old Marketing and many more.

What you can learn from these examples: By far, the most frequently mentioned type of content in the LinkedIn community was podcasts. The combination of consistency and personal connection in podcasts makes it something people look forward to.

Would love to hear from you: What content would you miss if it disappeared? It’s all fair – it doesn’t have to be from a brand. You can use this list to inspire you to create content that your audience will really love.

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