Cost E stamping can cost sometimes

Cost can be complicat for users who want to use e stamping for a long time. Maximum Documents Available for Stamping. There may be limits in the maximum size of documents that can be sign using an e stamp and users may have.  To break large documents into smaller sections to be able to sign them. Reliance on the digital device. The use of an electronic seal and an electronic signature require reliance on the digital device.  Being us and this may be a problem if the digital device fails or there is no access to it.

Sometimes it may be difficult

Amend documents that were sign using an electronic seal  Which may lead to many problems if they ne to be amend later. Not dealing with Indonesia WhatsApp Number List traditional documents. It may be difficult to deal with traditional documents such as print and hand written documents with an electronic seal and these.  Documents must be dealt with electronically again. Uses of electronic seal The electronic seal can be us in many areas and financial transactions of commercial activities including.

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E commerce An e seal

Sign contracts and other electronic documents relat to.  E commerce operations such as invoices and commercial contracts. Financial transactions Iran Phone Number List The electronic seal can be us to sign electronic contracts and documents relat to financial transactions such as financial contracts and real ature.  E stamp and e signature are two terms given to the process of signing electronic documents to confirm their authenticity.

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