A path locates a specific resource

What elements does a URL consist of? The http protocol in the URL defines the communication format between the client (browser) and the server. Specifies how resource data is transferr. A host is usually the name of a website or a subdomain within it.  On a web page. “Query” is a string of characters that allows you to provide additional information, e.g. about sorting or filtering A “fragment” is usually the name of a website or a subdomain within it. URL. URI, what is it? In addition to URLs, there is also the concept of a URI address – what does it mean? Are these terms us interchangeably.

Changing the URL What the URLs

URI is the overriding concept, as you can see in the chart below URI is URN and URL. The URL indicates the download location and method (protocol). The URI, on the other hand, can more precisely indicate the place from which a given resource can be download.  Look like should be plann in advance – will catalogs be visible in the products? How to distinguish the color versions of the same product? What to do when we move a product to the sale category? This Uganda Phone Number List should be plann before the page is publish, not during! What should you pay attention to when creating a URL? The keyword in the address.

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The robot should know what is on the page from the URL itself without scanning the content on it – therefore it is important that the keyword is present in the URL, specifically in the path of the URL.  important not to stuff keywords by force – Google penalizes keyword stuffing, one key phrase well reflecting the type of product  service is completely sufficient. Separators in the URL A solution that is often us on the Internet is to LOB Directory highlight the so-call floor “_”, however, this is not the best option.

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