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However they are not the only element that can be integrat into the advertisement.  Better, it is worth adding extensions to them. In the following article, I’ll walk you through how Google Ads ad extensions work and briefly discuss each of them. What are ad extensions in Google Ads As the name says, this is auxiliary information that we can add to our ads display in search results to make them more readable and interesting for a potential customer. Typically, just adding extensions improves the quality of your ad and increases your click-through rate. In addition to statistics, of course, Google Ads extensions increase advertising space.

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When such ad extensions in Google Ads are appli to an ad, depending on the query, our ad can display up to four additional links, which makes it optically larger, more interesting and takes up more space in the Google field. Adding extensions to your account is completely free. The costs are generat only when you click on specific extensions and Google gives you the Paraguay Phone Number List option of adding a specific extension at the level of ads, groups or the entire account. Trivial is the possibility of including additional information in the ad. Each of the campaigns we have available carries certain limitations, be it the number of characters, graphics or call to action that is impos in advance.

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Google Ads extensions are nothing more than a great opportunity to expand and diversify our ads with, for example: phone number, location, form or additional subpages. It is also worth remembering that not always a specific ad extension will be display. And position of our ad. ad extension in Google Ads Extension of sitelinks This is the first and most basic extension, because, as I mention earlier, it allows us to add references to specific subpages LOB Directory along with the possibility of placing a description.

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