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We added new video formats to the portfolio, redesigned the Quork editing page and launched a Telegram bot. What formats, what design and what does the bot do? We’ll tell you in the article with updates! More options for your videos Videos are a great way to not only show off your work, but also attract more buyers, increase conversion rates, and increase sales. At the same time, different performers need different formats: for some, high quality material is more important, while for others, a convenient file size is more important. Therefore, we have added 2 additional formats: now you can upload not only MP4 videos to your portfolio, but also AVI and MOV. The confirmation code will definitely come (it simply has no chance)

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Now the usa phone number list confirmation code simply has no chance of not reaching the recipient, because we have developed a Telegram bot! We’ll tell you how it works. For example, you want to link a phone number. Enter the number and press the button to receive the code. If everything is in order with the cellular network and mobile operator settings, the call will arrive immediately. But if you haven’t received a call or SMS within 60 seconds, you can try sending the code again. Or get it via Telegram bot! After clicking on the Telegram bot link , you will be redirected to the bot page in the Telegram application. Next, follow the instructions from the start message: Click the “Run” button Click the “Share number” button 3.

Click “Share” in the clarifying window.

Your Telegram account number must match the one entered on the site. Ready! Your number will automatically be sent to the bot, and in return you will receive a verification code. All that remains is to enter it on the site, completing the binding. Offer Brazil WhatsApp Number List more: redesign of the add options window Additional options are a great opportunity to increase the average check and offer the buyer something that he may need in addition to the main service. You can add them when creating or editing a quack. And we updated the design of the add option window, making it more modern, bringing it into line with the general style of the site and adding mini-tips to the input fields. Subscribe to our social networks ( VK , Telegram ) so as not to miss the next news digest, interviews with sellers and buyers, and useful articles about freelancing.


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