We define such a goal in the Google Analytics

Goal achievement and e-commerce transaction Online store owners may ask themselves: why should I implement an e-commerce module if I can analyze the same data without its implementation? It’s important to unrstand that ecommerce. Tracking is different from conversion tracking. Let’s assume that we want to monitor the number of conclud transactions. Panel, without using the e-commerce module.To overcome this, add payment gateway sites to the exclusion list in Administration > Service Settings > Tracking Information > Referrer Exclusion List.

Within a given sessiononly

Let’s imagine a situation where a user enters our website and buys a select product. After some time, he cis that he would like to orr one more item and places the orr again. In the end, two transactions. Were ma – yet Google Analytics will only increase. Our goal statistics by. Why  one achievement of the goal can. Be register , and each subsequent one will not be taken into account. By the GA. This is why the ecommerce module comes in handy. If we configure it correctly, each time a transaction occurs, it will be record and the relevant data will appear in our Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List statistics. Let’s talk about the possibilities of your business. Source: Google Analytics Data limits The more the website velops, the more visible the limitations of the tool become.

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Conversion attribution In some cases

Do you want to take advantage of our offer or ask a question? Contact us!  Mandatory fields Name your e-mail Telephone What interests you? Company name tail information on the processing. Personal data can be found. Orr to pay for the purchas goods. The user must leave the website and go to an external website to make the payment, PayPal, PayU, etc. After completing the financial operations, the customer returns to the website. At this LOB Directory point, in the list of traffic sources in the Referral channel, you can see the pages of payment partners.This is an error that leads to the wrong source being attribut to revenue. 

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