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Use SENUTO However, if we want to use paid tools, a brilliant solution is Senuto and the “keyword database”, then the “questions” tab sento It tells you what users are looking for, as well as presents trends for a given key phrase present on the chart in a given time period.  Text can potentially generate traffic and when we can expect increas activity resulting from the trending of a given phrase in the search engine. In the case of questions about orchids, it can be observ that orchids begin to fascinate search engine users in the spring, to occupy their minds less by the end of the year.

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Keywords – senuto Use Google Trends A free tool, in turn, is Google Trends, which, as the name suggests, presents currently trending terms in the search engine. Here, you should skilfully separate phrases that are currently in fashion from phrases that will enjoy long-term popularity.  thing is intuition – a good content marketer should use his experience, or if you prefer, the sixth sense to recognize something that is fleeting from what is Germany Phone Number List permanent. google trends Use Answer The Public A free tool is Answer the Public, which also suggests what users are looking for in relation to a specific key phrase.

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The public After choosing key phrases, you should optimize your articles according to SEO guidelines. More on optimizing your content for SEO: optimizing your blog . Optimizing for search engines is not difficult and even a layman without SEO tools can handle it. What to keep in mind in brief: Repeat keyword phrases: It is worth remembering what phrases we optimize the article for and repeat them in the text and place them in the headlines.  In the text, how does Google know that it should position the article for it? Link internally You should enrich the text LOB Directory with internal linking and set hyperlinks to relat content that can somehow complement the article.

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