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This ensures that our remarketing ads will be display at the right time and in the right place. Whether it’s when browsing the competition or when searching for relat products and services. However, remember that every case is different. This is not a universal rule that will work the same way every time. Each website, the nature of the client’s business and its goals can be completely different. It is important to approach each case individually, not bas on the results, for example, from another industry. Of Google or other advertising platforms, AB tests will be an important element. Thanks to them, we will be able to check what works with a given issue and what effects it brings.

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Types of Remarketing in Google Ads (Standard remarketing, RLSA, dynamic remarketing, Video remarketing, mailing list remarketing) Standard remarketing Remarketing we can use. Targeting text and image ads to our website or application where potential customers have already been. This is a basic remarketing procure to encourage website visitors to re-enter. For this form of advertising to exist, we must have one very important thing, namely, previously Thailand Phone Number List creat and collect customer lists. We can create these lists using Google Analytics and direct them to measure some specific action, such as: Visiting the Blog tab on the semahead. agency website.

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If we already collect a certain number of people, we can apply such a ready list as targeting our ads, and thus create a complete remarketing ad. RLSA remarketing This is remarketing focus solely on customer lists. As a result, the targeting of advertisements is done only by means of lists. And view the XYZ product, after adding lists to the ads, this exact product LOB Directory will be display to them at some point in the web browsing.

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