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What is particularly important in this regard? What should you keep in mind when writing posts on fb? Check in our article. Engaging posts on Facebook are the result of mastering a few of the most important rules that are positively perceiv by the mium’s algorithm. Read on to learn how to create them and what to avoid. You will also learn about examples of the most engaging posts. Address your target group  to whom you direct your content. The recipients of your Facebook posts have some things in common.

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These include, among others, demographic data (e.g. age, gender, profession, city), but also: interests; nes; Tongue; communication style. Knowlge of the above-mention issues will allow you to thoroughly analyze your potential recipients, and as a result, increase the chances of engagement (likes, comments, shares) on their part. Also check “Who (really) is your customer?”. Bet on quality, not length The proverbial “throwing water” is not a good way to create engaging content on Facebook. Checking if the post is not too long – this is the first point that Gary Vaynerchuk mentions in the book the activities that should be done before publishing. Contrary to Algeria Phone Number List appearances, the length of posts does not go hand in hand with the increase in user engagement. For this purpose, it is better to focus on shorter, substantively attractive posts.

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Give your recipients the opportunity

The second reason why it is worth giving up long posts is the fact that most recipients focus their attention only for a moment and continue browsing the Facebook fe. Nowadays, from the point of view of users, the ability to receive messages quickly is valuable. In this matter, it is worth using the golden mean,  limiting yourself to about characters. Post on the Facebook profile of the Canon Polska brand Encourage action Create engaging posts with calls to action.  To take LOB Directory action against your publications . You can do this by including the so-call call to action.

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