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Suit your business and the library’s commercial activity preparing users and permissions.  According to each person and his job saving the database and showing and hiding lists according to the field of your commercial activity which helps you manage and follow up on accounts better. Features of the library accounts program Learn about the most important features of the Easy Store library accounts program The program works completely on the accounting cycle system Registering an unlimit number of types of items books novels paper pens tapes pins etc.

Export and import items

Excel sheets Inventorying stores using barcodes and knowing the goods sold and remaining inside the library and store Reports on the Colombia WhatsApp Number List most and least selling items in the library Recording the value of assets capital and perishable value Manage the accounting sales and purchasing departments in detail for the library Linking the library or points of sale to the store on a single database via the Internet More than detail reports to follow up on the progress of work within the library Preparing the trial balance income statement and profitability report.

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Determine users permissions

The program according to their work Preparing sales and purchase invoices for the library Sales and purchases movement reports on a daily monthly or annual basis for the library Registering safes banks checks loans and advances Recording the Croatia Phone Number List transfer between the library and the store Library cashier software can help bookstore owners manage their business efficiently and effectively. When choosing a library cashier software you must consider the above factors to choose the right software for your nes. To contact sales Get the free trial and price Register your data and type of business activity We will contact you to clarify the program details The trial version price and explanations will be sent More about Comments You can now contact us Moham Ali Muhammad Ali Please send me the trial version and availabl.

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