Thanks to it, we are able to create an ad, adjust the text that will encourage potential customers and target our ads in such a way that they are as effective as possible. Ads is very simple. Our ad appears when someone searches for a similar topic or product on the search network. From the moment this ad is display, through each subsequent action, whether it’s a click, conversion, or interaction with our website, the panel shows us exact data on this subject. System capabilities from Google As Google is an extremely large platform, the possibilities present by Google are really huge. Let’s start with the most important.

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When setting up a Google ad, we can create several different types that differ significantly from each other, depending on your nes. Types of Google Ads campaigns: Campaigns in the search network – a form of text advertising that are display in Google search results after entering a specific phrase. Display campaigns are display ads. Texts, it is display on Oman Mobile Number List Google’s partner platforms. Product campaigns – otherwise PLA. It is a form focus on selling products. Video campaigns – as the name says, this is a form of video advertising on.

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Discovery Campaigns – This is an ad that displays ads on both YouTube and Gmail. Performance Max campaigns – the latest campaign from Google. It is a form that aims to promote advertising in many formats and places. We can apply product fe, text, video, photos and, of course, additional extensions. Transparent and friendly panel Unfortunately, this statement does not come out of the mouth of Googlers very often . However, it must be admitt that Google is trying very hard to make the platform easy to use. Campaigns and methods of operation LOB Directory are locat in such a way that they are legible and relatively intuitive.

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