Relying on cheap sensationalism and viral content Of course, fake news and viral content will certainly attract traffic to the site, but to a large extent it will not translate into conversion, and certainly not to the trust of users (and algorithms). Think, would you like to take advantage of the advice of a doctor who publishes on his website mical sensations about highly avant-gar treatment methods?  Content and saving on experts A good expert is unlikely to support you with his knowlge for (semi)free. A good copywriter (author!) also expects a salary proportional to his work contribution, experience and commitment.

If the author does not want to reveal

Remember this before you commission someone to prepare texts “in the cheapest price option”. Google’s creator hiding scores points for transparency when it comes to experts and creators. Therefore, it is worth adding a short biography or business card of the author on the blog or in the content section of the website, or even contacting him e-mail address.  Personal tails, the pseudonym itself fulfills the intification role. Reluctance to share knowlge and Spain Mobile Number List experience Remember that the algorithm positively evaluates not only “book” knowlge, but also information resulting from experiences, hobbies and passions. According to Google, an expert is not necessarily a person with, for example, a major ucation, but also a person who draws his knowlge from practice.

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Therefore remember to morate

The lack of UGC moration User Generat Content (UGC) will not hurt the cribility and “expertness” of your website – quite the opposite! Provid, however, that your users share their knowlge and experience, and do not spam. Comments regularly. Do you want to create trustworthy content? You don’t know how to get experts and where to start? Contact us!Semahead Agency won a bronze statuette in one of LOB Directory the most prestigious industry competitions in the world – Effie Awards.

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