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Search Social media essentials Search, Social & Semantic Web Be aware of things, not fidgets Beware Vendor: Hazardous Area conclusion First big problem: managing paid search Table of contents  Managing paid search campaigns is similar to italian phone numbers brokering. Paid search teams often control the majority of search budgets and tend to focus solely on AdWords campaigns. This budget can get out of control, and you can easily find yourself spending $350,000/month on AdWords when your combined investment in SEO, local, social, and mobile is $50,000/month. . In our experience, it’s best to reverse this ratio to achieve positive long-term ROI in your search department. While paid search efforts will help you meet your short-term revenue goals, investing in SEO, local, social media, and mobile will pay dividends down the road.

If you’re starting from scratch though

I think it’s a small percentage), you’re in a position where you can easily manage and control the percentage of your budget. If you’ve been running a paid search  campaign for a while. If you compare revenue spreadsheets, you’ll see that SEO, social, local, and mobile also give you a good return on your search budget.

Budgets should be allocated according to performance

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Here’s an example from past experience: One company was spending $20 million a year on paid search and making $100 million in profit (which is great). On the other hand, the SEO, local, social, and mobile division was barely able to get a $1 million Cambodia WhatsApp Number List budget, but was bringing in $10 million in profit (in terms of performance, it won).

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