SEO Value in the form of additional context

On the other hand, indirectly, they can have a key impact on SEO. Here are some things to keep in mind Comments provide Google with context User comments can bring. Such content relating to the topic of the page helps Google better understand its content and determine what types of queries it should be position for. John Mueller, a representative of Google, in one of the discussions on this topic put it this way: I think comments are really useful because often people write about a page in their own words, which gives us a bit more information on how we can show this page in search results. So from that point of view.

I Think comments are a good thing

Comments add new key phrases Comments themselves constitute additional content, thanks to which they provide new keywords relat to the subject of a given subpage. Google’s algorithms are so advanc that they are able to recognize these types of phrases and synonyms.  Comments raise issues you may have forgotten Readers often want to join the discussion when a relat anecdote, experience, or argument for or against comes to mind. Thanks to this, they add valuable information that you can even include when iting the article. Remember, of course, to Belarus Mobile Number List mention who contribut to adding this curiosity, correcting a fact, etc. Comments encourage discussion and create community It is difficult to get at least comments on a page without comments.

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Thanks to such dynamics a community

However, if you do, it will be much easier to go from this amount to , and then to even . As visitors respond and engage in ongoing conversations, add their points of view and ask questions, everything begins to snowball in size and spe. People who post a comment once are likely to participate in the discussion again, even by replying to other users.  Is creat on your website. As a result, subsequent entries have an even greater chance that LOB Directory discussions in them will gain momentum.

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