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GTM allows you to preview changes in subsequent versions of the container and return to its previous versions before the changes were introduced.  You can check the functioning of the codes on the website before finally publishing new implementations. GTM allows you to configure not only Google Analytics tags, but also Floodlight, Criteo and many others. How is Google Tag Manager built? The highest in the GTM structure is the account that contains all the smaller subsets in the tool. Within it, we create containers that contain tags created by us. Each container has its own code that needs to be implemented in the page code.

How to start using Google Tag Manager

As we mentioned earlier, a tag is a type of tracking code that, once installed on a website, begins to collect data. Each tag should have a rule assigned to it, which says when it should fire – we can add a rule saying that it should work on all subpages or only on some of them.  Working with this tool may seem quite complicated at first, but don’t worry. Once you go through the first steps of the installation and become familiar with the structure of GTM, you will see how India Mobile Number List easy it is Go to marketingplatform. googleabouttag-manager and register. Install the container on your website. To do this, copy the snippets of codes that you will find in the administration of your account and follow the instructions.

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If you already have it installed

The GTM fragment is your unique container identifier. Here are sample scripts: Ready! Now you can add tags in Google Tag Manager. We’ll show you how to set up a basic pageview tag in Google Analytcis.  In the page code, remove it right after adding the tag in Google Tag Manager and publishing the changes. Otherwise, the views in GA will be duplicated. Making the statistics incorrect and you will see a bounce rate around %. Installing the pageview tracking tag in LOB Directory Google Analytics Go to the Tags section.

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