Placing entries or products on the business

Google recommends us to add a photo of the company’s logo, photos showing the external view of the building in which the company is locat (to make it easier for customers to find them), and photos from the inside of the company. The presence of photos and videos on the Google business card primarily attracts the attention of users and contributes to increasing the CTR indicator, but also allows us to present our company in an interesting way.  Card Entries are a very interesting element of the business card. We have four categories of entries at our disposal: offer, product, novelty, event.

Thanks to them we can quickly reach

The first two are the most commonly us. Customers with information about important events, newly add products or plann events. Depending on the select category, the entries can include a short description, a link to the website, a photo and even a price – in the case of a product. It is worth remembering to post them regularly – entries automatically disappear after seven days. Offer entries are an exception. Their visibility can extend up to a year. Adding a list of China Phone Number List services provid  add a few years ago to mobile devices, useful primarily in the case of service companies. Allows you to place a list of services provid on your business card.

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This is a relatively new option

It is worth noting that they must be closely relat to the previously select category of activity. Thanks to this solution, customers can find out whether. The service they are interest in is provid by a given company without having to go to their website. Completing Google attributes What exactly are attributes on a Google listing? Their main role is to make the appearance of the business card more attractive and to provide even more detail information about the LOB Directory business. The selection of attributes depends on the type of activity.

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