Most Sites Populate Their News Feeds on a Daily Basis

However, There are several reasons to use this principle to attract attention to new articles with lightning speed. The main idea can be conveyed to the reader to arouse his interest in reading the full text. In order not to be groundless, let us give an example to illustrate the difference between traditional text and information written according to the inverted pyramid principle. Everything we learn in school and college boils down to starting with an introduction and then reaching a conclusion. Unfortunately doing this kind of promotion on a traditional news pyramid doesn’t work.

The steps and methods apply

However, Example of writing text in the traditional way Example of writing the same article according to the inverted pyramid principle In the first case the phone number list title is incomprehensible and unattractive. Sentences are built one after the other. The meaning of the news is in the conclusion. Readers may not understand what the essence of the news is. The second news headline attracts attention, the text attracts attention, and the end prompts to find out the details of the meteorite fall. All the principles of news writing The inverted pyramid is tough news. Straight pyramid soft news.

The above principles to the correct article structure

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However, It is used when it is more important. Not to describe the nature. Of the news but the process. Of the news and is usually in order. A combination. Of the LOB Directory hourglass. Inverted pyramid method. And the straight line method. First the main information. And the objectives of the publication. Are highlighted at the beginning. Followed by a soft transition. To the description of the news itself. Enough is enough to give readers. Some food for thought. Live news should be accompanied. By examples and illustrations. So, That readers and article. However, Writers can immerse themselves. In the story and follow. Its development.

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