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A proud version of the mouthwash was released back in 2009 featuring a rainbow flag and adding the different words represented by the colors on the flag.  They got one of them wrong. The original intention of the decision to replace the light blue stripe with peace represents art and magic. Whether it’s because they guessed it or because they wanted the text to fit the bottle better we don’t know.

Today campaign by Johnson Johnson

To some it might not be a big deal but it’s an example of how a company can tailor a campaign to fit their own brand and release a bland product that doesn’t really raise awareness of the community. How they rectified this  does seem to support the goal of raising money for charity and this Listerine bottle is part of it. According to their website they have raised over $10,000 for advocacy organizations. Screenshot of website. Their current website (as of Jan 2019) does Argentina Mobile Number List seem to be focused on the event rather than the community as a whole and is much more hyped about the product than explaining the struggles people go through and why pride is important to them.

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Examples of Successful Pride Campaigns

Not only that, but Johnson & Johnson has donated. More than $10,000 over the past year to politicians who have repeatedly opposed legislation. Promoting equality and inclusion or supported sponsorship of laws that limit individual rights. According to the report. 10,000 US dollars in the past year is equivalent to about 10,000 US dollars per year for the community. $10,000 per year is equivalent to $10,000 per year for anti-politicians. Objectively speaking, Johnson & Johnson’s annual sales are 100 million pounds. £10,000 of them only accounted for one of them. So actually they haven’t corrected the problem. It’s actually much worse than the Rainbow Listerine LOB Directory bottle.  Goals What They Did Goals Pride Month.

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