Appliances store is a difficult task as it requires careful organization and constant follow up of many business operations and transactions. To facilitate this process and improve work efficiency The store management software for accounts is an ideal ludes a list The list of items includes warehouses items companies types units colors sizes export data to Excel import data from an Excel file print barcodes List of stores It includes settlement of the quantity of perishable items transfer from one store to another inventory of stores using barcodes serial of items assembly of items.

Purchases The list includes Lgendy Managing

Suppliers list of purchases modifying the purchase invoice returning purchases returning purchases without an invoice supplier accounts Qatar WhatsApp Number Data notice of a discount or addition of a supplier import in dollars Sales The list includes customers representatives sales invoice modifying a sales invoice sales return sales return without an invoice price invoice items under delivery customer accounts paying customer departments notification of a discount or addition to a customer visiting a customer exporting and importing Excel files Accounts You can manage the entire accounts department and record all transactions in detail and with the utmost accuracy.

Whatsapp Data

The list includes revenues

Expenses safes banks checks partners’ currents loans advances personal withdrawals general expenses establishment expenses fixed assets asset depreciation Reports A list of reports has been created through which you can create more Egypt Phone Number List than reports divided between accounts sales purchases stores items and personnel affairs. You can also create profitability reports the trial balance the income statement and other reports through which you can follow up. Your entire business activity and help you manage it with complete ease. Maintenance Providing maintenance services to customers and want to store details of maintenance operations and engineers such as air conditioning companies.

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