Appliances water filters Personnel Affairs Department. It is considered one of the most important lists that must be present within the Easy. Store accounts program for managing stores stores and companies This is due to the presence of many employees in the sales accounts and warehouse departments. Each employee’s working hours must be set and penalties must be determined. Discounts discount percentage for lateness and absence and many other details.

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Each employee whether accounting or cashier employees and not to exceed these powers.  You must rely on the . Depending on the employees Russia WhatsApp Number Data of each department the specializations of the employee in and modify or that are hidden from him. The field of tools and electrical appliances is one of the importang and recording items. Type of code item code item name in Arabic and English unit selling.

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Easy Store accounts program

A professystem Appliances and tools that you have disposed of You face problems in managing following up and registering items. Accounts stores sales and purchases. How El Salvador Phone Number List to manage electrical tools and appliances stores and showrooms through the Easy Store accounts program. Easnic invoice program. Encoding the customer’s data address contacts and activity number How to encode customer data in the. Pioneers E invoice electronic invoice program. Codinof items How to register and code the units for items and register them in the Pioneers E invoice electronic invoice program You can also learn how ty. Store management program for stores and exhibitions.

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