In summary, Search Engine Optimization is a source of techniques, ideas and strategies that should be us in all aspects of your online commerce. Do you want to learn more about SEO or are you looking for someone to support you? Do not hesitate and contact us via the contact form. We will be happy to advise you. If you want to learn more about. SEO and how it influences you, here are some links that might. Interest you: SEO Workshop Switzerland. Enigma SEO Academy SEO for small businesses. On-Page ranking factors Off-Site SEO Technical SEO checklist Another SEO analogy SEO Bern, Zurich and Geneva.


THIS  BY EBRAHIM MEHRNO ON NOVEMBER TH, Ebrahim Ebrahim studi software in Tehran. In addition to his studies, he also act as an entrepreneur and had a small company in Tehran. Always motivat to learn new things, he was able to hone his business and marketing skills and crentials through interviews on local and national radio stations promoting his company there. He also wrote a book entitl “How to study less and succe more” for high school students in Iran who are preparing for exams or planning to go to university. He is currently Italy Phone Numbers List studying International Business Administration at the University of Appli Sciences in Bern and start as a digital specialist at Enigma at the beginning of April. We are very honor and proud to be part of the September issue of this renown German publication.

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If your product appeals

What If They Don’t Convert Immiately Simplify Your Sales Journey Did You Know That Most Websites Lose Profits By Missing Conversions Make Sure Your Website Selling Process Is As Simple As Possible Easy and reassuring is the best way to ensure your customers convert. To your target audience and is pric right, poor usability is often the reason for low conversion rates. That’s why we employ a (keep it simple stupid) methodology. When it comes to web design. Revisit your product and pricing strategy You may ne to address pricing and product strategy issues. Your pricing should reflect the value you offer Market Charges The value you place on your LOB Directory brand and the revenue and market share goals you set.

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