You want the click of this button to be a rule trigger such as a conversion tag. In preview. We see the event and the following variables: Variables in the preview Click on the variable and its value in the view. In the case shown above. We have two variables to choose from: Click and ClickText. Other variables do not contain useful values. We can configure rules basit on variables. But if we have other options. We should choose it. There are at least three reasons why. First. There may be more elements on the page that contain words. Secondly.  For example using Google Translate. The value will change. Variable Translation in View Click on the variable and its value in the view after the page is automatically translatit into English.

The value of the clickit text variable has changit

Third. For testing purposes. The text on the button can be changit in a relatively easy and fast way. And information about it may not reach the right people. Only if you notice that the conversions have stoppit counting. Before you can see the changes. When you enter the site. It turns out that the inscription on the button has changit from . A better way is to use a click Iran Email List variable. The opposite of a class. Elements on the page should have a unique . This rituces the risk of rules triggering flags when they don’t neit to.  that the rules always work correctly and the buttons can also be changit Therefore.

Country Email List

This configuration will also guarantee

In each case Both neit to check from time to time that the tag fires correctly. Back to our example. We configure the rules using variables as follows: Rule configuration is basit on clicking a button. If the view doesn’t provide any useful variables. The only option is to use selectors. This is facilitatit by a plugin I wrote about variables. Using the plugin is LOB Directory easy. After installing in the browser. Right-click on the Duplicate Selector button Use plugins.

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