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Your dentist will teach you how to brush your teeth correctly (general use of the website and how Google works), when (content production strategy) or how to brush your teeth exactly (creation of quality content based on SEO). “No dentist will brush your teeth voluntarily. And even if he’s okay with that, it’s probably going to cost a lot or you’re not going to be happy in the end.” Our SEO workshops will teach you how to brush your teeth (manage SEO yourself). What-is-really-SEO Our first SEO workshop has taken place Am . September hat unser erster Operations at dizmo As a business owner with my own coaching & consulting company, I knew how important SEO is for my website to rank better, but I had no idea how to do SEO myself.

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I left this workshop with many new insights and tips that I could implement immediately. Many thanks to Ebrahim Mehrno for such an intensive workshop full of passion, enthusiasm and new insights.  & Development, beyourbest success seo course switzerland Why should you care about SEO? When a user searches for your service or product, then Google will most likely be the first search engine that comes to mind. If you don’t appear in Google’s top Country Email List rankings, then that user won’t pay any attention to you. Which means you will lose that user or potential customer. Worse still, you lose those customers to your competition, who rank between the first and fifth positions on Google. Let’s be clear: appearing on the first page of Google will not be enough.

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The best way to attract more qualified users to your website is to rank on the first page of Google results. There are basically two ways to do this: Google Ads (referred to as Search Engine Advertisement or SEA) Ranking from Google on the first to fifth place in the organic section. SEA is the fast lane, on which you can quickly bring your website to the LOB Directory eyes of the users.  high and permanent costs. In addition, only % to % of users click on Google AdWords. This means that despite the high cost, SEA keeps about % to % of your target off both your website and your offering.

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