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This is possible thanks to the data includ in the detail information about the certificate . It contains information about the name of the companyaddress data and website data.It is impossible to clearly state to what extent an SSL certificate helps in positioning websites. Google has report that SSL HTTPS is one of the ranking factors so encrypting a website certainly gives a positioning advantage. carries less weight than other signals such as high-quality content. Neverthelessit is still a factor to be taken into account and one that will surely gain in importance. SSL certificate Source transpar encyreport As you can see in the picture above – domains belonging to Google send encrypt traffic.

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However Google plans to increase the impact of this factor which is to encourage all websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS – in order to ensure the security of all user data on the network. What impact do secure websites have on receptionNot only the Costa Rica Email List content affects the reception of the website on the web. First of allappropriate positioning activities give direct benefits in obtaining good results in search engines. However ignoring site security is a big mistake.  aspects and details.

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More customers due to several factors. Three out of four users will abandon a purchase if data is sent over an insecure connection . The lack of a website security certification can significantly affect the sale of products and services. Google has hint that a fully secure network in the future is their priority. Thereforeyou can expect more support for encrypt sites.Websites that use a security certificate load much faster than unencrypt websites . SSL certificate Source: httpvshttps To sum up: the SSL certificate is not the main factor indicating success in the process LOB Directory of website positioningbut the lack of website encryption significantly ruces the chance of brand success.

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