However, all benefits are important

We think the companies they work for are likely to perform better than those that don’t ask. Responses to this survey offered their views on the benefits of social sample japanese phone number interaction and customer expectations. A wide range of sales, service, and marketing benefits were listed, with customer service, information to make decisions, and the ability to learn about new products being the top three. They were ranked fifth and sixth in terms of trade and compensation, respectively. However, all benefits are important regardless of ranking. Providing exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else, getting feedback to improve, and social commerce join a complex effort to reach and interact with the various needs of social consumers.

I want marketers to look at the big picture

Not just individual structures. When asked about the gender of social consumers, participants said they were equally divided between men and women. This result aroused curiosity for a number of reasons. In particular, previous research has found that women Australia WhatsApp Number List are overrepresented on most social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on social commerce sites . Are more men using social networks? There is a possibility. A closer look at the demographics of social consumers suggests that many are in their 30s or 40s. However, there are also large numbers of people in the 26-30, 46-50, and 51-55 age groups. There is no doubt that social media is no longer just the domain of young people.

Social consumers’ household incomes vary widely

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However, overall social consumers tend to belong to the ideal income group. The average income found in the survey was just over $60,000. When asked which networks social consumers frequently  access, they cited Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in that order.. At the time this study was conducted, Google+ had not introduced brand pages, but as of November 2011, companies can set up official brand pages. However, despite not being able to create business pages during the study period, companies understood the important role that Google+ had in the lives of social consumers. Facebook and Twitter hold the No.

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