How much does content marketing cost?

Let’s say you have a small business selling diet-related products. Your product is good, your website is modern and SEO friendly, but the market is very competitive and you’re hardly getting any traffic from Google or social media. What is the solution, how can you grow your business? You can use Google Ads or Facebook ads to get traffic for your business and hopefully make enough sales to cover your advertising costs and make a profit. If you continue to advertise, the advertisement will make sales, if you do not sell the product, the advertisement will decrease to 0. It’s a model that works but let’s see how content marketing can turn things around and why to make money from content marketing, you have to spend money.


You must spend time and money to create a content marketing plan that will identify content(Phone Number Data) that can make your users happy and also give you many opportunities. than in ratings. You have to spend money to create actual content. In this specific example, you must hire a nutritionist to write articles that are accurate and convincing. You have to spend money to do the above 2 steps consistently for a few months (or even years) until Google trusts you and until you have enough social media followers who will LIKE and share Share your content for free.

Calculate content marketing costs

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Let’s say you publish 3 articles per week for 6 months and you spend an average of 350,000 VND per article (LOB Directory), you end up with an initial investment of about 26,000,000 VND That cost does not include any money or time required to create the plan, publish the posts, and ensure that they comply with SEO criteria, etc. The point I want to make with the above example is that while content marketing works well and it is not a low cost approach (in terms of money or time) and this is why most businesses Small businesses fail with content marketing.

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