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I created quorks, offering all the services that I can professionally perform: write an offer, create a creative, audit the channel and advise on any issue related to Telegram. Why didn’t you immediately come to Kwork with services via Telegram? After all, you have been doing this for so many years! It’s just that in the Telegram ecosystem, admins don’t understand at all how you can order something outside of this messenger. Telegram for channel administrators is like one big village in which everyone knows each other, has its own creatives, content specialists, and so on. Therefore, I didn’t even expect that someone would order my services for Telegram on Kwork. How long did you wait for your first order this time? No, almost immediately I received an order from customer Yulia, to whom I am incredibly grateful. She was launching a network of channels and needed advertising creatives.

I completed the order and received excellent feedback. Then this customer ordered again and again left a positive review. And that’s it, after that the orders came on their own, one after another. I didn’t even have to look for projects on the Exchange or respond, everything somehow happened by itself. I still want to write to my first customer and ask: “Why did you choose me? There are so many performers on Kwork with ratings and reviews, why did you give me a chance?” Review of Vladislav’s work Tips for Freelancers Can you tell me how to create the same successful quacks that even a beginner would want to buy without reviews? I am sure that it all comes down to the correct design of the work sites and the approach to each customer: The cover should be high quality and catchy. It is the picture that catches the buyer’s eye.

He doesn’t read the text

– he looks at the cover first. The description should show what pain you solve with your service. There is no need to describe how cool you are and how many diplomas you have. For a buyer who comes to Kwork with a problem, this doesn’t matter at all. Communication. You must always meet the customer halfway and help him. Some buyers philippines phone numbers came to the platform for the first time and do not yet know how things work here. Tell him how to place an order, explain the nuances of the work. Ask for feedback. Feedback is very important, especially at the beginning of work. Again, many buyers don’t even know that they can leave a review after ordering: they accept the order and run off about their business. Therefore, always remind the client that he can evaluate your work and leave honest feedback.

Give more than is expected of you.


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Offer some additional service or bonus to the order. You can spend 2 hours, create a guide, checklist or instructions for your niche and give them to customers after completing the work. Kworky Vladislav Did you know these rules from the beginning or did you come to them through your own experience? Rather, I learned from my mistakes. For example, at the very beginning of my work, a buyer wrote to me and asked if I could make a creative. I replied that I France WhatsApp Number List could. And that’s it, then silence. After 2 days he writes again and asks when the order will be ready. But he didn’t place the order, and I didn’t prompt him to do so. But I immediately took into account my mistake, replied that I would do everything, we placed the order, and literally a couple of hours later the satisfied buyer accepted the work.

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