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But one startup project caused Mattos, a Brazilian student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Isabel Pesce, to quit Google and MIT prematurely. And it seems like it wasn’t such a bad idea She learned about . It’s not about luck or privilege. Isabel Pesce’s journey is a shining example of determination overcoming great odds. Unlike many of her classmates, Isabel was not groomed to get into America’s top universities. before the deadline, she laughs as she recalls it.

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It’s a proactive process. But 18-year-old Isabelle was undeterred. She hurriedly gathered her letters of recommendation and arranged an interview as soon as usa phone number list possible. In the end, she was one of the few to get into that prestigious university, so she was definitely worth it. Although Isabel excelled in math in high school, moving to Boston to study at MIT was a notable accomplishment for someone like her. She didn’t grow up in the  Brazilian elite either. She explains that a middle-class family like hers would never have been able to pay for MIT tuition without a scholarship.

What’s even more remarkable about her background

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Is that Isabelle didn’t grow up surrounded by entrepreneurs. Her father has worked for the same company for a long time, and no one in her family runs Brazil WhatsApp Number List their own business. Still, she admits, she couldn’t imagine herself as anything other than an entrepreneur. Through MIT’s Entrepreneurship Competition, she was awarded her first startup project – a peer-to-peer mobile system for developing countries. Although she didn’t win the competition for this project, she says it was a very developmental experience. Studying at MIT, by chance, ended up being Isabel’s big step into Silicon Valley.

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