Having a Facebook Page that encourages

You’ve probably heard of Facebook Messenger lately, but most brands still don’t know how to leverage it effectively. With 2.4 billion messages exchanged each month between businesses and individuals, it’s time to make the most of this channel. After all, 53% of people who message businesses say they’re more likely to do business with a business they can indonesia handphone number contact . And 67% of people say they plan to increase their messaging with businesses over the next two years. Additionally, messages you send through Messenger will appear on a user’s phone lock screen, greatly increasing your chances of reaching a user when you send a follow-up email. So how do you get the most out of this network.

Optimize your page for posts

Users to message your Page is the first and easiest way to encourage visitors to your business page to message your brand. It sounds too simple, but just by  optimizing your page to direct users to messaging, you can have a huge impact on the number of messages you receive from interested or curious potential customers. Invite visitors to send a message to your page with a contact form of your business description. The Reply Assistant is Facebook’s version of a “baby-bot” and can help you respond to incoming messages, even when you’re not there to personally receive them. Stay responsive when you can’t access your computer or phone.

Configure the answer wizard

Phone Number

Facebook has a new feature that lets you respond to messages through a trading bot. If you run a Facebook ad that people ask questions about, be sure to reply with this link to continue  the conversation within Messenger. In each of them, you can Cambodia Phone Number List use personalization tokens and greet your visitors with a personalized message. You can also include a link to your contact page, FAQs, or even your phone number in these messages. The advertising campaign to promote the use of the “send a message” button is the new type of Facebook advertising. These ad campaigns allow you to target audiences like any other ad, but you can encourage them to message you directly from the ad.

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