Have a Business Idea? Remember

So in short, how are you different from the competition and why should customers buy from you?

At this point, many people say that it gives customerswe Latest Mailing Database are value. Write down on your piece of paper what value you think you give to your customers. However, think about what this value actually is and is it the same for everyone?

Is the speed of delivery, complete information about the product, the level of customer service, a simplified complaint procedure the value?

Apply the Pareto Principle

Another important point in testing a business idea is the application of the Pareto principle, i.e. 80/20 rule.

When analyzing a business, it often turns out that 80% of revenues come from just 20% of customers. You want to focus on that profitable 20%.

Why? Because it means greater efficiency of your actions, less stress, etc.

At this point, write down on your piece of paper:

Which customers bring you the most profits and why? (x5)

What products bring you the greatest profits and why (x5)

With these questions, we close the first part of testing the business idea.

Thanks to the answers to these questions, you should have a clear vision of what you want to do, who your offer is addressed to and whether you are helping someone solve their problem.


Try to kill your business idea

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From this point on, we start checking deadly threats, i.e. things that can kill your business idea.

What do you think is the first question you should ask yourself in this part of the process?

Very good:

Will anyone be interested in our offer at all?

How big is the market?

How big is the competition and will it be difficult to fight it?

Most of these questions can be LOB Directory  answered using internet marketing tools. Premonitions and faith in success should be supported with specific numbers.

This is where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes in handy.

More specifically, keywords – words that we enter in the browser when looking for a solution to our problem on the Internet.

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