Graphics with prominant powder

Linguistic and communication (verbal) coherence – before the definition of this fundamental element of brand marketing appears, it is worth quoting a classic: appearance is not everything. If the brand exists, it certainly communicates, so … it is worth taking care of this aspect. Matching the language and the form of communication to the brand’s visual communication is necessary to ensure (who would have thought) the consistency of the brand’s identification. Pink combin with black Comic Sans , which features information from the country in a serious tone, may not work well together. Yes, this is quite an extreme case, but it perfectly illustrates that communication must be concise.

Consistency of the marketing strategy

Don’t let the recipient get lost and confus. An example of poorly design visual communication – content When communicating verbally, you should take care of the language, correctness, tone of expression and combine everything into one coherent visual material! It’s not just about the already mention colors, but also about the preserv paragraphs, the division of the text and the lack of double – additional spaces that can cause embarrassment and Morocco Phone Number List distraction for the recipient. The basis of the basics. Through it, we achieve the goals of the entire project (company, brand, etc.). Branding activities cannot be divert. Consistency is not only us to display or increase brand recognition, but also to implement something bigger.

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There is no room for just being

The brand’s mission, which should be includ in the strategy and be closely relat to communication and business activities. Consistency of the organizational culture – honesty, cribility, loyalty, fit are just a few of the features that must be present to maintain consistency and reliability. Correct these days. Internal (in the organization) and external (direct to potential customers) communication must be authentic and harmonious. By becoming an actor, your brand will become a theatrical stage and communication a spectacle – however, it should be remember that performances LOB Directory come to an end and actors eventually take off their costumes.

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