Google uses it to create rich snippets

Guide with Multiple Languages ​​and Regions in Mind .” 6. Why add Google notes that adding markup allows search engines to understand the content of a page much more accurately. Google uses markup to generate rich snippets in some cases, and has plans to add more in the future. For example, Google uses it usa people numbers to create rich snippets that appear in search results. Although not all types of information from will appear in search results, we expect that the use of will gradually become more diverse and the data used will increase over time. Also, because markup is freely accessible on web pages, other organizations may discover interesting new ways to use it.

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Markup can also be done with schema. If that’s the case, there’s no reason to hesitate to make the switch. 7. How to add schema to your website So how can you easily implement on your website? A question arises here. This page provides a useful guide to getting started with In fact, once you add to your page, don’t forget to test it using a structured data testing tool . summary You don’t need to add structured data markup to every page or element — just the important ones.

Google will continue to support markup

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Such as microformats and RD Fa, so there’s no need China WhatsApp Number List to switch right away. Although Google notes that it does not currently use schema markup as a rankingfactor, it also states that rich snippets can help web pages stand out in search results and drive more traffic. ing. Needless to say, rankings and increasing traffic are inseparable. If it helps users, it should help your website as well. Moreover, as voice search and other string-based queries expand across the web (which I see increasing significantly over the next few years), It will be a reliable ally in connecting , categories, and concepts.

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