Google Changes the Appearance of Results on the Desktop Version

Google is rolling out an update to paid and organic search results on desktop, to bring them more in line with mobile search results. The updated design includes a more prominent “Ad” label for paid results , at least in Google’s opinion, as well as favicons next to organic results. Google’s desktop search ads now have a bold, black text Ad label. Google says the label is more prominent, but early feedback suggests users are finding paid results harder to identify. Here’s what the paid results looked like on desktop, with the word Ad”in green and contained in a green box. In the new design, Google moved the URL above the title tag text and also formatted it black.

Changes for the display of organic results

Paid results are now virtually identical to organic results. Similar to paid example of mexico phone number results, Google moved the organic results URL  above the page title and changed it from green to black. The biggest change is the addition of favicons, which now gives site owners one more thing to optimize for when it comes to desktop search. If the new design is similar, it’s because Google made these same design changes to mobile search results last year.  Need help with your SEO click the button below.

The risk of duplicate content

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As we have read, the greatest risk is that of having duplicate content which remains the bane of SEOs. For what because it is this type of content that penalizes you the most. Having a few URLs with uppercase  elements should not penalize you. But if Bosnia And Herzegovina Phone Number List this case is generalized to your entire site, it could seriously harm your SEO. Stick to one version Although lowercase is recommended , whether you choose lowercase or uppercase, do so for all URLs. If you see that URLs containing uppercase letters end up being indexed, create 301 redirects to a lowercase version to avoid a potential problem. For example, don’t change your URL’s to add capital letters hoping to rank.

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