During this time I had the opportunity

During this time I have work as a designer and developer on various digital projects, from newsletters to e-commerce sites.  To share the office with Enigma for three years. As a result, we also spent the breaks together, which over time meant that the friendships that had develop were also cultivat outside of the office. I love the Enigma team, so in addition to the collaboration there are a lot of personal stories too.

These projects have always

From a less emotional perspective, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Enigma on several projects during my time at Polychrome.  Been the best. There was either a special story behind it or it was the modern technologies that made these projects exciting. DSC I heard that you have been on a humanitarian mission for the past few months. I understood how love affects a child’s life. When I arrived at the Syrian refugee camp in Greece, the children from Syria and Afghanistan didn’t like each other. Tell me more about your experiences. Seven years Dubai Phone Number List of pure digital work is quite a long time. That’s why I felt more and more that I want to invest my time elsewhere. I’ve always dream of taking a year off.

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I gave all my knowlge

Just going out and giving my time to those who really ne my help. One morning I got up and decid to make my dream come true. A few weeks later I arriv in a Syrian refugee camp in Greece and took care of children. Without any preparation.  This time changed my life. I’ve learned so much about what it means to be human, the human condition, and how to be a positive facilitator to change the world. From everything you have learned during this time, what are you taking with you into your future? I’ve experienced a kind of revelation this year. And all my love to the children in this terrible situation. You know, I like Pierre Rabi’s idea. The fact “I can’t save LOB Directory the world on my own” shouldn’t stop you from getting involv.

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