I did find a sponsored post linking

Then buy paid links. Even though it was a minor violation, Google gave itself a stiff penalty that lasted at least 60 days. What if Google can’t find a solution? As saudi cell phone number we discussed yesterday, it remains a mystery why We also think it’s Google would engage in this type of activity, given that the company is very clear about its campaign methods. It also raises a big question: whether Google fails to understand the rules it has set for itself.

What should third parties understand in this situation

Offering excuses like “we’re just doing the kind of ‘marketing’ that Google does” is outrageous, but it’s what it is. PS: Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti-spam team, shared some comments on Google+ even though he was on vacation. Katz stated that while the video player link did not generate link credit, he found that at least one non-video link did generate credit and determined that this was a violation sufficient to take action against Google, which I acknowledge. Portions of this article are published below: If you look at around 20 sponsored posts (as our anti-spam team does without hesitation), you will notice that most of them will contain Google Chrome videos.

However, there is actually no link to Google Chrome

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We checked again and the video player is not passing PageRank to Google either. However, I did find a sponsored post linking to Google.com/chrome in a way that would benefit its page ranking. Although the goal of the campaign was to get people to watch Costa Rica Phone Number List the video rather than link to Google, we only found one sponsored post that linked to a Google Chrome page and resulted in page ranking, which still violated the quality guidelines.

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