Behind the scenes of Influencer Marketing

Talking and Brand Experience Interaction and brand experience. A communication that does not take into account the brand experience. Is condemned to be entrenched in the person communicating without being able to truly involve the public. While the brand experience is shifted towards the consumer of the good or service. It tries to answer the following question: What will be the feelings that people experience. When are they are in contact with the brand? And, furthermore, some aspects of the brand experience. Can be thought of in a totally opposite way to what traditional communication or marketing would like. Such as the case of Patagonia.

The famous outdoor clothing.

Company, in its “Buy Less, Demand More” campaign, refers to buying quality, used, and multifunctional garments. Repairing them when they are worn, and continuing to repeat this process. All this goes against the “Buy Patagonia Clothing” concept but adds enormous value to the brand experience. Because it is linked to the environmentalist feelings of the individuals Carlo, Piero, and Marco, not of the average Denmark WhatsApp Number Data consumer. Brand Experience and User Experience The User Experience , like it or not, becomes a fundamental piece of this broader world: brands must ensure that emotional values ​​are transmitted to an extent at least equal to the functional benefits achieved in the consumption of the product or service.

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What transforms the customer experience?

In other words, brand experience is the integration of emotional aspects with rational ones in the interaction between the brand and the user. The example of Starbucks is always a point of reference. The most famous coffee shop in the world has LOB Directory built a brand experience deeply linked to the store spaces . A brand that sells coffee has shifted its brand promise to the very experience of being safe. Of sitting down and feeling at home anywhere in the world. The secret recipe of Brand Experience Marketing The Brand Experience is both one of the channels or tools that a brand uses to communicate and also the final result (in the mind and heart of the consumer) of the union of strategy, brand manifestations and user reactions.

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