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This will mean that after graduation you will not have to look. For a job for a long time, ba! Perhaps she will find you herself! Pss. remember about Linkin! Custom. Reports in Google Analytics. Web analytics August , Karolina Kniaziuk The new version of Google  of its users than Google Universal Analytics. The older version of GA includ a large number of standard reports by default, which we could analyze right away. GA , on the other hand, has fewer of them, and in return gives us the Exploration function.

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We ne to know what data we ne and we create the report from scratch. In our article you will learn how to use this function and what reports you can create thanks to it. What are explorations? Exploration reports in Google  techniques that go beyond the standard GA reports and allow you to get useful information about the behavior of users on your website or application. They allow you to use different dimensions, metrics, and segments, and use different techniques to better understand the data you collect. You will find this feature in the left bar of your Google Analytics property : Exploration Reports Methods of exploration in Google Analytics UK Phone Number List After selecting this section, you will see ready-made templates for creating different types of reports: Starting a new exploration There are several exploration techniques you can use.

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Below we will briefly discuss all available custom reports. Analytics Free exploration  a view of analytical data using different dimensions and metrics. We have a choice of visualization in the form of a table, ring chart, line chart, scatter chart, bar chart and geographic map. You can easily change the order of columns and rows, compare the data we are interest in, and by LOB Directory entering the card settings, narrow down the data using filters or segments that are important to us. Below is an example of this type of report: free exploration The line chart has an additional anomaly detection feature.

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