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School supplies books bags and gifts Galal Abdel Nasser Shaaban Jalal Abdel Nasser Shaaban The best software company for you electronic health records EHR . May Amgad Hassanain Technology development in the mical sector Electronic health records are one of the recent technological developments that have been adopt in the mical sector to facilitate mical operations and improve the quality of health care. Electronic health records are a digital alternative to traditional mical records that rely on paper and paper files. Electronic health records aim to improve the quality of health care by improving the flow of mical information and improving communication between different entities in the mical sector.

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Rcords mical practitioners hospitals and mical clinics can access patient mical information faster more accurately and more reliably. Electronic Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List health records provide many other advantages such as saving Chile Phone Number List space and costs associat with paper bas storage filing and retrieval of mical files and rucing mical errors associat with manual recording of mical information. Despite the many advantages that electronic health records provide they face some challenges and concerns such as security and privacy issues and complexity in switching from traditional paper records to electronic health records.

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The concept of electronic mical records the benefits and advantages it provides to the doctor the patient and the health care center the challenges it faces and what is the difference between electronic mical records EMR and electronic health records EHR . Electronic mical record EMR . An electronic mical record is a digital collection of a person’s mical information that is stor on a computer. The electronic mical record includes information about the patient’s health history laboratory and x ray tests drug prescriptions in addition to all mical services provid to the patient since the creation of the record while maintaining the confidentiality of this data and not sharing it with any other mical entity. ail reports Electronic health records systems provide detail mical report.

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