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For this purpose, tools such as Google Analytics, analytical tools of portals such as Facebook or LinkeIn, as well as information from employees who have direct contact with customers, will prove useful. This will allow you to get a full profile of the representative of the target group. Strategy implementation plan and effectiveness study After collecting all the most important data, you can procee to planning the implementation of the actions assume in the content marketing strategy and spreading them over time (for this purpose, it is worth creating content in advance.

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At this stage, you nee to have ready answers about what types/formats of content will be use, how they will be tailore to the audience, what the nees of the audience are, when the content will be publishe and through what channels it will be distribute. As new content is publishe, it is also necessary to study the effects of content that has already been whatsapp mobile number list produce. The market and the environment are constantly changing, which is why an effective content marketing strategy must also assume the observation of changing algorithms.Ariete brand – a new client in the Commplace portfolio January 4, 2021 News PR and e-PR are nowadays the basic pillars of the communication strategy of every company.

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Building a well-thought-out image and increasing brand awareness allow you to effectively reach a properly profile group of recipients. Reaching them will be the latest challenge we face. We are starting cooperation with another client – the Ariete brand. ABOUT ARIET Ariete is a company that belongs to the Italian concern DeLonghi. It was LOB Directory founde in 1964 in Florence, recognize as the cradle of creativity and brilliant and brilliant inventions. Since then, Ariete designers have been creating useful and aesthetically perfect household appliances in the heart of sunny Tuscany. Currently, the brand has 57 unique patents, which, in accordance with the company’s mission, are designe to facilitate everyday life.

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