10 Free Tools to Help You Beat Writer’s Block Cambodia

Writer’s block happens to everyone. Whether you’re filtering content ideas or just sitting down to type, writer’s block can get in the way. A few minutes ago, you were reviewing ideas and preparing to create premium content for your readers, and now you just don’t know what to write.

How to overcome this writing crisis? Spend hours reading (one of my favorite activities, but I can get lost for too long), researching, sparking conversations with friends to get your mojo back, eating, or exercising.

There are simpler ways. There’s a plethora of free and mobile phone number database almost free tools out there, designed to help you create stellar content even when you’re not really inspired.

Turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I will’ with the right inspiration

A writer who has nothing new to  say on a subject reduces the chances of convincing his audience to take action. But what exactly is the creative force that allows us to come up with new concepts that arouse interest and curiosity? Inspiration, according to Psychology Today.

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You can also find insightful new solutions to daily challenges by simply looking at old problems from a different perspective. Truth be told, this mission can be tough to complete, especially when you’re haunted by multiple deadlines and can’t afford the luxury of digging deeper into your previous pieces of content.


Luckily, there are plenty of online tools that can Czech Republic Phone Number List come to the rescue, allowing you to impress your readers with your polished copy.

HubSpot Blog Topic Builder

Not sure what to write about? No problem. HubSpot has built an impressive algorithm that lets you generate relevant blog topic ideas in seconds. Enter three keywords (preferably names) and let the tool do its magic. This practical program is not perfect. At some point, it may return topic suggestions with errors, so be sure to read all headings carefully and edit them if necessary.

Use the Ahrefs Content Explorer tool to spot the most shared types of content for every topic imaginable. It’s one of the easiest ways to discover stories that have generated thousands of shares and tweets in the last 24 hours. This tool makes it easier for you to create engaging, high-value pieces of content that reflect your audience’s current interests and preferences.


4.Topsy _

When it comes to providing information to their audience, some content creators use the best free and almost free tools to measure the impact of different stories that have already hit the web. Topsy is to help you analyze and research the social web. Enter any word and see its trends on Topsy Analytics.

We searched for the word monkey and found no less than 3437 tweets over the previous three hours. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? You can even refine your search based on several filters (language, last results). Topsy seems like the perfect resource when you’re to find out what people are tweeting these days.


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