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By modernizing your website, you show that you are modern and so are your services. Google tools such as Google Analytics or by asking your friends to take a fresh look at your site. First, however, it is worth deciding which aspects are most urgent and dealing with them first. Do you want to rebuild the website, but you prefer experienc specialists to take a look at your website and provide specific analyzes and recommendations on what is worth implementing.

Insta reels as a way to reach more Reels

How to run Instagram in ? social mia January , Anna Nogalska Do you create content for Instagram, but you are slowly running out of ideas? The statistics clearly show that the adopt strategy is not effective and you wonder what actions can change it? Check out how to run Instagram in to fit in with the prevailing trends and increase your reach.  Are currently the number format on Instagram. Why? First of all, due to the constant development of its functions, which are to encourage and facilitate the creation of rolls by users. Reels on Instagram are currently Kazakhstan Mobile Number List any video post in the application, and recently we can also create this format from photos and stories.

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Instagram phenomenon of recent months

The continu popularity of the format is also influenc by the generation of higher audience engagement scores (average. %) compar to photos. Although this is a low value, according to experts, we can define “good” as an engagement rate in the range of to %. Photo dump, an A photo dump is a kind of carousel combining several photos or videos. What distinguishes this format, which is especially popular among the Z generation ? First of all: naturalness, no element of posing, artifice and any processing. This makes it ideally suit to the nes of gen Z. You can read LOB Directory more about this in our article: “What will be the biggest social mia trends in.

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