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The slowness of digital transformation in the health sector is not due only to technological reasons. Healthcare institutions that adapt to digital trends have a great opportunity to enjoy a competitive advantage over their peers. However research shows that digital transformation in health care is not proceing at the same pace. As is the case in other industries.

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Experts is not only technological but rather a combination of the unique requirements that characterize the healthcare sector such as high sensitivity Spain Telegram Number Data and the impact of transformation on the lives of patients and the culture of healthcare institutions which often hinders technological change. But when these obstacles are overcome healthcare organizations will have a great opportunity to leverage technology in an unprecent way including Save time and ruce paperwork.

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Improving collaboration between

Healthcare practitioners Improving the efficiency of current surgical procures in healthcare facilities Introducing new modes of providing Estonia Phone Number List health care services such as telemicine Improve patient monitoring and communication using wearable devices and mobile apps. Improve the use of data to pe receipt Feb Mohamm Elgendy Many people whether merchants financiers customers consumers or citizens are always confus about the electronic receipt and the electronic invoice as some consider the two systems to be alternatives one of which can be us and the other left especially after the issuance of Minister of Finance Resolution No.

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