Working for Kwork I can fully support my family

Vladislav knows everything about Telegram and creates working advertising creatives. He has only been working at Kwork for 2 months, but has already completed more than 160 orders and gained regular customers. Read about starting as a freelancer and promoting on Telegram in the interview. Vladislav ( @TG_copywriter ) — copywriter, Telegram specialist Highest Rating 160+ orders completed 100% of orders delivered successfully 100% of orders delivered on time 10 years on Telegram: where it all started Vladislav, your case cannot but surprise: back in March you only completed 2 orders, and after 2 months you are literally in great demand among buyers on Kwork. What is the secret of such a successful start? Yes, I myself did not expect that I would achieve this in such a short time. But in fact, I had a long journey to Kwork, which began back in 2013, when I first learned about Telegram.

At that time, I lived in Uzbekistan

– there this messenger immediately became mega-popular, and I also appreciated all its advantages. In 2014 we moved to Russia, it was quite difficult: I worked a lot and took on everything that I could do. And in 2015, channels appeared on Telegram, and from that moment on, I worked inextricably with this messenger in one way or another, in addition new zealand telephone numbers to offline part-time jobs: I maintained my own network of channels, wrote content myself, created advertising creatives in order to promote myself in other channels. At the same time, I carried out orders for advertising copywriting, which I received in Telegram itself from other admins. This way I learned everything I know now. That is, you were already fulfilling orders back then, just not on the freelance exchange, but yourself, inside Telegram? Yes, but at that time there were no major players in Telegram.

Everyone thought that Telegram

Phone Number

was another WhatsApp and treated it very mediocrely. At first I worked with small, frivolous channels, then they began to become more and more numerous, people asked for my services, and I continued to fulfill orders in Telegram and maintain my channels. Until the messenger was blocked in 2018. Is this when Telegram was blocked for a couple of months China WhatsApp Number List and then unblocked? Yes. I then sold all my channels for a few pennies, I was very upset and disappointed in the messenger. I was so offended that I simply deleted it and didn’t even follow the news. And, can you imagine, I only found out that Telegram was unblocked at the end of 2019! An old friend of mine

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