will this markup change search listings

The search is derived from one main entity and is connected. schema.org addresses exactly this need. For example, you can use schema.org to identify people. Furthermore, it is also possible to specify characteristics of the person, such as his children, date of Connect The key birth, educational background, date of death, gender, etc. Some of the features  are kuwait telephone numbers listed below. Schema.org Thing Person Markup schema.org Person markup Now, I want you to think about the impact that schema.org has on SEO. The question then becomes how Google processes this information.

Will it be added to the knowledge graph

Or offered in Google Cards ? Or will it somehow return a web page? Also, will this markup change search listings by creating rich snippets? As search  evolves in the coming months and years, SEO experts will continue to ask these questions. Search pros need to determine whether the hard work of mapping data using schema.org will increase search traffic to their site, or whether it will pass the information to Google for display. be. I’ll explain this in more detail in a future article. For now, take a look at the card that appears when you search for Barack Obama > How Tall is He .

How Tall is Barack Obama Example

Phone Number

Google Result Example of Google results for Barack matically be sent to the bot, and in return you will receive a verification code. All that remains is to enter it on the site, completing the binding. Offer more: redesign of the add options window Additional options are a great opportunity to increase the average check and offer the buyer something that he may need in China WhatsApp Number List addition to Obama’s height There is no need to go through a web page here. This search will not lead to a visit. But is this necessarily a bad trend? How useful will this visit be.

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