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Even if you search for “browser”, the Google Chrome homepage will not show up. This is because Google has penalized the page for a sponsored post campaign by Google itself. Homepage, which Guidelines to provide  appears to have caused the ranking drop. Here are some of the explanations Google gave us: Google has. An investigation is underway and www.google.com/chrome is being downgraded and the site’s page ranking will be lowered for at least 60 days.


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Although Google does not. By approving this activity, it no longer finds violations of its Webmaster Guidelines, but it believes in maintaining high standards and takes tougheraction than most sites. Would a directory that lowered its PageRank value be ranked differently than a ban? Not High Ranking Blow What if Google can’t find a solution? Lowering saudi cell phone number the PageRank value is different than banning it. Designed to make Chrome rank higher for any given term, it worked well enough before this campaign, but technically Google still buys paid links even if the link involves two different providers. Even though it was a minor violation, Google gave itself a stiff penalty that lasted at least 60 days. What if Google can’t find a solution? For me personally, the bigger issue is the spam generated by this campaign, and Google itself has been working hard to exclude this very “weak” work from its search results.

It’s still hard for me to understand how Google couldn’t

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Have predicted that this event would end the way it did. As we discussed yesterday, it remains a mystery why Google would engage in this type of activity, given that the company is very clear about its campaign methods. It also raises a big question:  the rules it has set for itself. What should third parties understand in this situation? Offering excuses like “we’re just doing the kind of ‘marketing’ that Google does” is outrageous, but it’s what it is. PS: Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti-spam team, shared some comments on Google+ even though he was on vacation. Katz stated that while the video player link did not generate link credit, he found that at least one non-video link did generate credit and determined that this was a violation sufficient to take action against Google, which I acknowledge.  However, there is actually no link to Google Chrome.

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