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One of the most popular social networks in Russia. In other words, Suitable for advertising with bloggers who run thematic and expert groups. However, it is worth remembering some disadvantages: advertising prices for VK bloggers can be inflated, and the audience often does not perceive groups as personal blogs, which can reduce the effectiveness of native integrations.  In other words, The platform has been chosen, and now comes the key step: selecting the right bloggers to collaborate with. Therefore, The effectiveness of advertising largely depends on how closely the blogger’s target audience comes into contact with your brand. In other words,


if your business is related to

cosmetics, beauty bloggers are the best choice. And if you offer car accessories, pay attention to bloggers with a male audience. Ways to find bloggers: 1. Independent search on social networks. If you have a clear idea of ​​who you want to find, you can contact new zealand phone numbers bloggers directly through their social media profiles. In other words, The search options here are very diverse: search by hashtags, geolocations or keywords in the profile description. After that, If you have already found several attractive influencers, consider their following – perhaps there you will discover new interesting bloggers on similar topics. In other words, In other words, In other words, In other words, Therefore, After that, It is important to understand that this method requires a lot of time and patience.


directories of bloggers, providing

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complete information about their target audience and account activity. An excellent example of such a platform is the native integration service Instajet.in , which functions as a marketplace and brings together advertisers who want to buy advertising from bloggers in Instagram stories. Instajet.in offers a convenient directory of influencers  Benin Phone Number List with complete information about the target audience and statistics of their accounts. Customers can filter bloggers according to various parameters, based on their needs: by topic, geography, cost of viewing, and even gender of the audience. How to run ads with bloggers Cooperation proposal To increase the likelihood of successful collaboration with a blogger, send short and specific messages. Remember, polite and friendly communication will help attract the influencer’s attention and get a response.

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