On the eve of Black Friday and during the “black weekend”, do not forget to push your audience to convert – using a newsletter, push and SMS notifications , as well as content in Social Mia – on Instagram and Facebook. Communication for Black Friday, make sure that your content reaches recipients at all levels of the shopping funnel. How to do it? Detail instructions and many other practical tips can be found in our e-book “ Black Friday by Semahead. E-commerce Guide. It’s almost pages of reliable knowlge! Download for free! And if you have any questions – contact us!During the coronavirus, the magic number of , online stores in Poland broke.

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The unusual situation meant that many entrepreneurs suddenly saw a chance to run their online business. % of consumers bought the necessary supplies of food, hygiene products and chemicals online. If it wasn’t your store, would you buy it at your place? Answer this question honestly and from the heart. And if so, why? Once you’ve found the answer to that question. tell it to your client. The surge in the number of online stores is something that has not happen Afghanistan Mobile Number List before.  Interesting times, it should be remember that it is not enough to set up a store to start selling. In addition to competitive prices, a friendly online store as well as a well-optimiz website that can be easily found on Google, it is also necessary to give the customer a reason to shop with us.

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The price does wonders Since there are so many online stores on the market, how can you compete with them? No one has yet won the price with the Chinese giants.  Dot have good contracts negotiat with courier companies, so they cannot compete with cheap or free shipping . Since free shipping and free returns are reserv for Zalando, and the lowest price is provid by Aliexpress, how can you measure up to these e-commerce giants? It is LOB Directory worth finding another niche that will make us unique.

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