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Selection of phrases for the blog When offering a given service or product, it is worth having a blog thematically related to our website or shop. With its help, we not only build a relationship with the user, but also share our knowledge and experience with him, building the image of a specialist in a given field in his eyes. The trust gained in this way may result in a purchase in the future. To use information phrases. Selection of phrases for the company On the company website, we should focus on choosing the right keyword for each of the services.

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For example, if we offer plumbing services, including installations, pipe replacement or water emergency service, it will be necessary to position all subpages containing the offer. Competitive keywords The fact that you have to fight for positions in the Google search engine through various optimization activities proves the high competitiveness of a given keyword. Easier to rank than others . What it pends on? Speaking of competitiveness, we mean the number of Senegal Phone Number List companies offering the same products or services, fighting for the same customers by means of positioning. The greater the competition for a given word, the harr it is to jump to high positions.

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How to termine the competitiveness of a phrase? The basic method to termine whether the word we choose is “sought” by companies is the number of results that we find below the search bar.  in Google (as many as , results!), we can see that the competition for this keyword will be high, and building visibility on it is extremely difficult. But what if we add words that narrow the results to “women’s shoes”? The example above clearly shows that long-tail keywords have a potential that is worth using! Another way to termine your competitiveness is to LOB Directory check your CPC bid with the keyword planner.

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