What It is, Why You Should Care and How to Do It

Chatting AI can be a huge asset to your social media presence. Today, 64% of people say they’d rather text a business than call it. If you are active on social media and talk to customers on your social channels, this statistic applies to you as well. Every month over 1 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger alone. With all these questions and only so many people taking care of them, a Chabot or virtual assistant can be a life saver. Conversational AI technology can increase your team’s efficiency and allow more customers to get the help they need faster.


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How your business can benefit from using conversational AI tools for social customer service and social marketing. What is AI talking about? The term greece phone number example Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) refers to technologies, such as virtual assistants or catboats, that can “talk” to people (eg answer questions). Conversational AI tools work thanks to processes such as machine learning, automatic responses and natural language processing. Their purpose is to recognize language and communication, imitate them and create experiences of human interaction. Conversational AI applications are often used in customer service. They can be found on websites, online stores.

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And social media channels. AI technology can make Canada Phone Number List it faster and easier to answer and send customer inquiries. How does AI talk? The result is a system that will work better six months after you add it to your page and even better the next year. Natural language generation means that the AI ​​simulates a conversation. For example, if a customer sends you a message on social media, asking for information about when to ship an order, the AI ​​chatbot will know how to respond. It will do this based on previous experience answering similar questions and because it understands which phrases work best in answering submission questions. The theory may sound boring, but interactive  and your team.


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