What Does the Coronavirus Mean for Marketers?

Unless you live in a cave, you should have heard of Coronavirus. The downside is that this virus continues to spread rapidly and will likely continue to do so for a while. No one knows how many people will be infected, but this virus has managed to crash stock markets around the world. These crashes therefore mean that you, as a company or marketers, will be impacted. Even if the virus spreads less quickly thanks to containment measures, businesses will suffer for the rest of the year at least . For what? Because they will have to recover from this crisis. For example, according to this American newspaper China would have seen its sales fall by 20.5% and its level.

Businesses are going to be in trouble

While big companies like Apple, Proximus, etc. close their offices stores in order to help reduce the spread of. The virus, some companies are not as strong as these giants. Before explaining  the data below, you should know that these are global data how to add a mexico number to whatsapp and not relating to a particular country. The data does not take into account sites with less than 5,000 visitors per month. Because the traffic of these sites is likely to vary greatly even without viruses or algorithm changes. Certain sectors such as Horeca are also not represented. A large part of the sectors is represented but not this one and we suspect that the losses can be enormous.

The conversion rate also fell for the majority

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As we suspected, if you’re in the media business, you should have had a nice boost in your organic traffic. What is totally different in the travel sector, which records the biggest fall. The impact of e-commerce  is not visible here but in the study on this drop in Bolivia Phone Number List traffic, we can see that its impact is different depending on the site, its products services, etc. Needless to recall the increases in traffic on the shops of the sites of large supermarket chains. From a conversions point of view, we can also notice a general decline. Even in the finance sector which had a peak in traffic. Although the travel sector offers discounts, border closures and containment.

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